About Me

I’m Albert-Zhang, a Shanghai, China based web developer with several years of experience. Team member of Antv. Working at Antgroup and previously at Baidu.

I love to create things for the web. I care about style and typography.

Professionally, I engineered to build a series of websites and mobile applications, involved helping teams to create user first experience.

Personally, I'm a UX enthusiast, an Artist dreamer, sports lover, hobby FIFA player, Arsenal fan. I write something on My Blog, sometimes make some lines and colors on My Shots. I talk about footbal on Podcast.


  • 1997 - involved in traditional Chinese painting and figure sketching.
  • 2000 - came across with computer and programming Language.
  • 2010 - majored in electronic technology @ECNU.
  • 2017 - worked as frontend developer @Baidu after graduated with master's degree.
  • 2018 - worked as senior frontend developer @Antgroup.
  • so far and from now on...


About The Site

  • Build with:
    • Framwork: Svelte, Svelte-kit
    • Font-serif: 思源宋体, Merriweather
    • Font-sans-serif: 思源黑体, Open Sans
    • Font-mono: Fira Mono